Metabo 627285000 24-25.2-Volt Ni-Cd Lithium-Ion Air-Cooled Charger for MAG 28

by Metabo

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SKU: MTB-627285000
  • For charging Metabo NiCd battery packs of 24-25.2 V, as well as Li-ion battery packs of 24-25.2 V (Cordless combination hammers KHA 24)
  • The battery packs must be suitable for sliding onto the charger.
  • Monitored charging with microcontroller
  • Battery monitoring
  • Charge time approximately 15 minutes at 1.4 Ah
  • AIR COOLED function
  • Refresh function for maintenance of batteries for NiCd battery packs
  • For connecting to 110/120 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Monitored charging with microcontroller: the battery pack is charged with 5 ampere with constant monitoring of voltage flow, temperature flow and maximum temperature. The charger ends the charging process immediately after full charging. Thus, there is no overcharging and the life of the battery pack increases.
  • Charger switches to compensation charge: to conserve the capacity, the battery packs are subsequently charged with maintenance charging current.
  • AIR COOLED function: the patented principle is based on air-cooling the battery pack during the charging process. The battery packs are gently cooled down to the required charging temperature, and then constantly maintained at optimum temperature during the charging process. This principle allows a higher tool life of the battery packs and up to 30% shorter total charging time to be achieved.
  • Refresh function: with NiCd battery packs, the natural self-discharge can result in the cells in the battery pack having different charging levels. This means that the full battery pack capacity is no longer available for the application. If you notice such an effect, you can restore the full battery pack capacity in the Refresh mode. For charging Metabo NiCd battery packs from 24-25.2 V, as well as Li-Ion battery packs from 24-25.2 V.

What's in The Box

  • 24-25.2-Volt 1.4Ah Lithium-Ion Air Cooled Battery Pack - 627285000
  • Owner's Manual


  • 3-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sku 627285000
Brand Metabo
Voltage 24-25.2
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Time 15 Minutes
Amp Hours 1.4Ah
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