Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN14 18V PROFACTOR 12" Dual bevel Glide Miter Saw Kit

by Bosch

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  • Surgeon PROFACTOR performance for a truly mobile jobsite solution, this saw provides light weight and pro capacity
  • Axial-Glide system has an articulating arm, for wider cross-cuts enhanced alignment, and smooth glide while taking less space
  • Large cutting capacity features a cut capacity of 3.5 In. depth and a 13.5 In. width/crosscut
  • BITURBO Brushless Technology featuring a brushless high-performance motor and drive-train system engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by CORE18V PROFACTOR batteries
  • CORE18V PROFACTOR Performance Battery compatible with Bosch 18V tools; optimized to drive Bosch PROFACTOR tools with BITURBO Brushless Technology, for power comparable to the most demanding corded tools
  • High-power cells use enhanced 21700 cell technology, combined with advanced battery design for greater efficiency, to transfer more power for a longer time
  • Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology provides better cooling than the previous-generation CoolPack system
  • Convenient portability weighs only 59.3 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery)
  • ECO mode extends the battery runtime by up to 20 percent, for getting work done
  • Connectivity (module sold separately) link to connected device via Bosch Toolbox App to customize settings and receive detailed feedback
  • Integrated base extensions extend material support up to 43 In.
  • Tall fence design supports taller material for accurate cuts with 4-3/4 In. fences
  • Accurate laser guide system precisely aligns the cut line to the blade
  • Upfront bevel control located to make bevel adjustments easy left to right, keeping the user’s hands away from the blade
What's in The Box
  • GCM18V-12GDC PROFACTOR 18V Surgeon 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw
  • GBA18V80 18V CORE18V Lithium-Ion 8.0 Ah PROFACTOR Performance Battery
  • 18V Charger
  • 12 In. Blade
  • Material Clamp
  • Wrench
  • Dust Bag
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brand Bosch
Volt 18V
Bevel Angle Range 47 degrees left and 47 degree right
Bevel Stops 0 , 33.9, 45 and 47 degrees (L/R)
Blade Diameter 12
Blade Size 12 in
Case Type No Case Included
Category Benchtop
Max. Base Molding Against Fence 7-1/4 In. (4 In. from 31.6 to 60 degree R)
Max. Crown Molding (38 degree Spring) Angled Against Fence 5-1/2 In.
Max. Crown Molding (45 degree Spring) Angled Against Fence 6 In.
Max. Cut Capacity - 0 Miter 0 degree Bevel 3-1/2 In. x 13-1/2 In.
Max. Cut Capacity - 0 Miter 45 degree Left Bevel 2 In. x 13-1/2 In.
Max. Cut Capacity - 0 Miter 45 degree Right Bevel 1-1/2 in x 13.1/2 in
Max. Cut Capacity - 45 Miter 0 degree Bevel 3-1/2 In. x 9-1/2 In.
Max. Cut Capacity - 45 Miter 45 degree Left Bevel 2 In. x 9-1/2 In.
Max. Cut Capacity - 45 Miter 45 degree Right Bevel 1-1/2 In. x 9-1/2 In.
Miter Angle Range (Degrees) 52 Left, 60 Right
Miter Detents(degrees) 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45, (Left/Right) 60, (Right)
Works with Recommended Battery Packs to help achieve maximum tool performance Recommended Battery Packs to help achieve maxiGBA18V80 and GBA18V120 PROFACTOR Batteries
Bosch Bluetooth Connectivity Module GCY42 (See tool manual for its connectivity/app features.)
Miter Saw Stands T1B, T4B, GTA3800
Crown Molding Stops (Pair) MS1233
Length Stop MS1234
Anti-Static Vacuum Hoses VH1622A and VH1635A (by means of anti-static adapter included with those hoses), VAC008, and most other 22 mm and 35 mm anti-static hoses
Other Vacuum Hoses VH1022, VH1035 and VH1635 (by means of VX120 adapter included with those hoses), VAC005 and VAC006 hoses, and most other 22 mm and 35 mm hoses
Adapters for 1-1/4 in and 1-1/2 in. Vacuum Hoses VAC024 (VAC002 is not compatible with the GCM18V-12GDC miter saw.)
Length 32 in
Width 26.5 in
Height 27 in
Weight 59.3 lbs
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