Warranty Info

SENCO® Pneumatic, DuraSpin®, Cordless Tools& Compressors

Senco Brands, Inc. (“SENCO”) designs and constructs its products using the highest standards of material and workmanship. SENCO warrants to the original retail purchaser that the following products will be free from defects in material or workmanship for the warranty period specified below:

Products New Reconditioned
Pneumatic Tools* Five Years One Year Air
Compressors One Year 90 Days
Fusion Tools Two Years Six Months
Combo Kit Tools One Year 90 Days
Gas Tools Two Years Six Months
Multi-Blow Hand Nailers One Year 90 Days
Duraspin Tools One Year 90 Days
Stapling Hammers One Year 90 Days

* = Both XP and Pro Series

During the warranty period (which begins on the purchase date), SENCO will repair or replace, at SENCO’s option and expense, any product or part that is defective in materials or workmanship after examination by a SENCO Authorized Warranty Service Center, subject to the exceptions, exclusions and limitations described below. Any replacement product or part will carry a warranty for the balance of the warranty period applicable to the replaced product or part. A DATED SALES RECEIPT OR PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM THE ORIGINAL RETAIL PURCHASER IS REQUIRED TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM. Warranty registration also is required and can be accomplished through on-line Product Registration at www.senco.com or by completing and returning the postage paid warranty registration form included with your Operator’s manual/parts chart information, found inside the product carton. To make a warranty claim, you must return the product, with proper receipt/proof of purchase and return transportation charges prepaid, to a SENCO Authorized Warranty Service Center. A list of SENCO Authorized Warranty Service Centers can be found at www.senco.com or by calling 1-800-543-4596 toll free. SENCO will perform its obligations under this warranty, within a reasonable time after approval of the warranty claim.

SENCO Cordless

  1. Subject to the exceptions, exclusions and limitations described below, SENCO warrants that the SENCO Cordless tool will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years after the purchase date.
  2. SENCO warrants that the batteries and chargers used with SENCO Cordless tools will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year after the purchase date.

Warranty Exclusions

The following warranty exclusions apply:

  1. Normal wear parts are not covered under this warranty. Normal wear parts include, for example, isolators, drive belts, air filters, rubber o-rings, seals, driver blades, piston stops, and piston/driver assembly.
  2. This warranty does not cover parts damaged due to normal wear, misapplication, misuse, accidents, operation at other than recommended speeds or voltage (electric units only), improper storage, or damage resulting during shipping.
  3. Products used in production/industrial applications as defined by SENCO are excluded from this warranty.
  4. Labor charges or loss or damage resulting from improper operation, maintenance or repairs are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty Conditions

This warranty will be honored, only if:

  1. Clean, dry, regulated compressed air has been used, at air pressure not exceeding the maximum indicated on the tool casting;
  2. No evidence of abuse, abnormal conditions, accident, neglect, misuse or improper modifications or storage of the product; and
  3. No Deviation from operating instructions, specifications, and maintenance schedules exists (read Operator Manual for use, specifications, and maintenance instructions).