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Video Snake SWJ-3188D 65-Foot Complete Color Camera Inspection System


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Retail Price: $874.99

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  • A Great Addition to Any Plumbers Arsenal of Tools.
  • Built-In 7? 320-Line TFT Color Monitor w/ Sun Shade.
  • 7/8? x 3? CCD Color Camera w/ 8-deg. IR-LED Night Vision 60-deg. Field of View and 16? Focal Dist.
  • Fiberglass Cable and Stainless Steel Reel.
  • Waterproof

What's in The Box

  • Built-In Color Monitor
  • CCD Color Camera
  • 65-ft. Cable Spool
  • Built-In Battery / Charger
  • Monitor Power Supply
  • IR Remote
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Manual


  • 1-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Infrared LEDs 8 Super Bright
Camera Fiber Optic
DVR Ready Use your favorite flash media
Cable Length (ft.) 65-ft.
Voltage 12 DC System
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December 16th, 2015

Surprisingly high quality equipment - Instructions could be better

I was particularly impressed with the quality of the case, camera, and the control unit. The weight of the dials had me thinking this had to have been made in Germany. It looks like something you'd see in a high-tech hospital operating room. If I have a complaint it is that the users manual looks like it was written by somebody who is illiterate in both Chinese AND English. Despite that I was eventually able to figure out how to charge the unit, and connect all the parts. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with the purchase.
June 7th, 2015

You don't need to spend any more money than this!

I am a 65 year old remodeling contractor working for a company that has several properties. We have recently had a "rash" of sewer line problems (must be that time of month!), and have had to camera sewer line problems at 4 properties.

I was there watching the monitor as the camera work was being done. I have to say, the units that were being used had from poor to great image quality. Each plumber reported their units cost from $2000 to $4000.

When I received our unit, we happened to have had a stopped up sewer line at one of our properties, and had to pull a toilet to snake the line (no clean out). After breaking the clog, we decided to use the camera for the first time to see how it worked.

Took a minute to figure out how to un-spool and spool the snake using the cage and handle provided, but easy once we figured it out.

The image we got back was as good as ANY I saw from the expensive units the plumbers used!

We were charged from$150 to $200 for each video snake job, and on one job the plumber couldn't get more then about 8 feet before he hit a turn he couldn't get around, but charged the full price anyway!

This unit will certainly pay for itself pretty quick, and we are planing on using it on potential new properties before they buy the house.

The unit comes with two camera "skid" devices to hold it off the inside of the pipe. One is a round ball about 1-1/2" in diameter, and the second is a metal part with 4 plastic arched pieces that look sort of like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis [much, much smaller, of course! {;) ] The first time we put the larger one in the pipe, we tried to bring it back to check the light (we didn't know how to turn it on yet), and it got caught somehow. My assistant had to put his arm down the pipe to get it out, and we broke one of the arch pieces in the process. But it is held in place with set screws, so should be easy to replace. We went to the ball, and had no problems. Would highly recommended using the ball attachment all the time since it keeps the camera out of any trickle of water that might be present, and makes it easy to get the camera head by rough spots.

I too agree that the manual is pretty poorly written, and think it would be a good idea for someone at Maxtool to write a supplemental manual in good English and more detail. That would be really welcome by past and future customers.

All-in-all, we are pretty darn happy with the unit!
January 16th, 2015

Great camera for the price

First off, let me say that the manual is extremely poorly written by someone whose first language is not English. It is too short and does not explain very much. Having said that, I gave the camera five stars. With a little playing, you will figure out most of the features on your own. 65' of cable is enough for most of my inspection jobs. I like being able to burn a DVD for clients. This unit paid for itself my first sewer line replacement job by not having to replace good clay pipe all the way to the sewer main. Only by having this camera was I able to ascertain that. I put in a 32 GB SD card, which has enough capacity to record for a long time. At less than one-tenth the price of the name brand camera, you can't get hurt much with this unit.
July 11th, 2014

Video snake

Paid for itself the first day on the job
Compact good battery life and east to figure out.
65' of tube is sufficient for most residential work
Great price
January 13th, 2014

Works Great /Better than expected

I have been pleasantly surprised by its accuracy and dependability. It costs much less than most other units and has a color display. It it has paid for itself several times already. Thanks again. Also the case is rugged so it can take some abuse in the back of my truck

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    • Item Number: SWJ-3188D
    • Retail Price: $874.99

      Our Price: $699.99
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