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Porter-Cable 9-Volt Infrared Thermometer


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Item Number: PCC582B

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The Porter-Cable PCC582B Infrared Thermometer is compatible with standard 9-Volt alkaline batteries. The thermometers incorporate an innovative temperature indicator beam specifically designed to provide a quick and easy indication of a temperature change. This product is designed for use by remodelers, HVAC professionals and energy specialists.

The thermometers' temperature indicator beams allow professionals to identify temperature differences in a room. With the click of a trigger, the unit is turned on and takes a reference temperature reading while displaying a green circle beam onto the surface at which it is aimed. The color of the beam changes when a difference in temperature is detected as it is scanned across an area; a blue beam identifies a cool spot, and a red beam shows a hot spot. The temperature indicator beam can be used to find air leaks around doors, windows or ductwork, or where insulation is missing, helping to detect areas where energy efficiency can be improved.

The unit can be used by HVAC professionals and in facilities maintenance to check running temperatures of bearings or motors. Electricians can also use this product to find hot spots on electrical panels. The thermometer has a working temperature range of -22 to 590-Degree Fahrenheit, a temperature accuracy of plus/minus 1.8-Degree, and a 12:1 distance to spot ratio for accuracy. Additionally, the thermometer offers ten memory settings that allow users to record measurements in different locations or remember readings in hard-to-reach areas. A backlit LCD screen provides visibility in dim lighting, and a lens cap ensures the unit is protected during transportation.

The Porter Cable's PCC582B Features:

  • Infrared thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurements shows energy leaks or hot/cold spots
  • Temperature Indicator Beam changes color to show temperature differences - blue shows spots cooler and red shows spots warmer than the reference temperature
  • Three temperature threshold settings - 1∞, 5∞, 10∞ for quickly detecting different temperature changes
  • 12:1 spot ratio for more accurate readings
  • Accurately measures temperatures from -22∞F to 590∞F allowing for use in a greater number of applications
  • Back lit LCD display clearly displays reference and scan temperatures and threshold setting
  • Lens cap cover for protection when the unit is not in use
  • Temperature record button allows user to record 10 readings
  • Playback button to scroll through recorded temperatures for easy review of temperatures stored
  • Can switch from Fahrenheit to Centigrade


  • Voltage: 9 V
  • Battery Type: 9v Alkaline


  • 9V Alkaline battery
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  • Item Number: PCC582B
  • Retail Price: $102.00

    Our Price: $58.99
    • Out of stock

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