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DeWalt 13'' 2-Sp Thickness Planer + In & Out Feed Ext Tables + 3 Extra Knives


Item Number: DW735X

Retail Price: $699.00

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DW735X Planer Features:
  • Powerful 15.0 Amp, 10,000 rpm motor handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease
  • Three knife cutter-head delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife change faster and easier
  • Two speed gear box allows users to change feed speed to optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chips off of the cutter-head and exhausts them out of the machine
  • 19-3/4" cast aluminum base is 2X more rigid than a standard 10" base and folding tables
  • Automatic carriage lock reduces the movement that causes snipe without the need for manual engagement by the user
  • Material removal gauge and extra-large thickness scale deliver accurate cuts with every pass
  • Extra-large turret depth stop allows user to return to most frequently used thicknesses with ease
  • Amps: 15.0 Amps
  • No Load Speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Max. Depth of Cut: 1/8"
  • Depth Capacity: 6"
  • Width Capacity: 13"
DW735X Includes:
  • (DW735) Heavy-Duty 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer.
  • (DW7352) Extra set of Reversible Planer Knives.
  • (DW7351) Folding In Feed & Out Feed Tables.
  • Dust Hose Adapter.
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November 16th, 2013

Love My New "Toy"

Got this planer as a Christmas present. Am truly impressed with the finish of the wood. Have reclaimed a lot of wood out of dumpsters at construction sites and run them through the planer. I now have a supply of wood for my woodworking projects. Couldn't be happier. Never expected such a great result. Also, it saved hours and hours of sanding. Cannot say enough good things about this planer.
Woodwork Doug
Lebanon, TN
September 17th, 2013


Best 13" planer on the face of the Earth! I can't believe how well this cuts, Shipped was fast and found the best price right here! T?Thank you so... much, I build guitars and I am rarely this happy with a product and the great service that went a long with it!!!
Taos NM
September 5th, 2013

Awesome Planer

I've only had this planer for a few weeks, but the cherry I've run though it still comes out as smooth as glass. So far I only have used the slow speed (which is plenty fast enough for the small lengths I'm using), and I only remove 1/32 at a pass to go easy on the blades. With my dust collector attached, the noise level is 1/3 less than without. The planer chip fan is very powerful. I bought this planer partly because you can get carbide blades for it when the HSS blades need replacement. This is a great planer for the hobby woodworker.
Bridgewater, VA
August 25th, 2013


Heard good and bad on this planer. My thoughts are its great took it out of the box leveled the tables and ran wood. No snipe smooth finish. Happy camper!!!!. I had it hooked to my collection system and only had a dust pan of dust.
August 1st, 2013

Awesome Planar

I've run over 60 Cedar and Redwood reclaimed fence boards through this planar with nothing but perfect outcomes. The only problem I have is that the floor plate is $180 to replace if it gets scratch. It would be nice if the polished plate could be replaced without the whole base to the unit. Sometimes I miss a very small rock when brushing off the product and it scratches the plate.
July 25th, 2013

Best planer ever

As long as you support the boards on both sides you'll minimize snipe and almost eliminate it.
July 19th, 2013

fantastic purchase

I read thru the reviews of this planer and can not add a word. I have not used it a lot yet but so far it is one of the best tools in my shop.
June 25th, 2013

Dewalt did it right!

Bar none, this is the best thickness planer I have ever used, and as a finish contractor for over 20 years, I've used most of the others, both in and out of the shop. The first thing they did right was to use 3 blades. Now add a powerful 15A motor @ 10,000RPM and you get 96 cuts per inch on high feed speed (unlike Rigid's 13" that claims, "Super fine finish with 66 cuts per inch", and at the slower feed speed, gets 179 CPI. Now I can literally skip sanding and go straight to finishing. I also like that they added an exhaust fan; this completely minimizes the sawdust in and around the work area, ...far more than with just my dust collector attached. This is one sweet machine!
Cpt Crunch
Sequim, WA
June 24th, 2013

DeWalt 13'' 2-Sp Thickness Planer + In & Out Feed Ext Tables + 3 Extra Knives

I love this planer works great. Works better than some larger ones I've used. Spent a extra $100.00 on a sharpening system for the blades to extend the life of the blades . Just keep them honed and they will last for what seems like forever alot of work but well worth the savings
Whitewright Tx
March 10th, 2013

Dewalt woody

I found the title for this truly what I mean when I run a piece of wood threw this machine. It's totally an awesome wood working tool for being a so called portable planer. It's portable if you've lifted weights before but I like that it's heavy, that makes it very stable. It doesn't bounce around at all. For 92 lbs. it better not. It's loud yes, BUT only if you actually have no dust vac attached to it. I decided to hook up my 5 gal shop vac and then run it, well that dropped the noise level down dramatically. Don't use a shop vac cause it gets full too quickly when you run lots of boards threw mainly just for fun as my serious work will come when I get my jointer. Snip will always be there though I think. I placed the extension beds on the sides and it reduces the snip thickness by half or more but still is there no big deal to me. Just buz it quickly with my random orbital for final sanding and you're done. I'm no pro by any means and for the weekend garage wood worker I try to be it's perfect. If you're a pro then spend 2-3 times the money and get an actual floor model like the pros have. The planer knives do get dull but dust collection reduces that and avoid running stock threw in the same place all the time. If multiple pieces can fit threw at a time then do just that it will save time and wear. Best bet though would be to get a solid carbide knife set or the helical set that soon I'll be getting. If I had the money and 220V outlet yes I'd of just gotten the pro models that I've been drooling over but this is far more workable for me... for now that is. One thing I didn't do was level the infeed/outfeed tables as they seemed to though at slants reduce the snip once they were locked in place so I am leaving them the way they are. I LOVE the way that when you set the depth gauge stays put when you turn the wheel to the desired thickness then start planing, you don't have to lock down anything as it will stay in place without worry.
Gone Wood'n

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    • Item Number: DW735X
    • Retail Price: $699.00

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