Stainless Steel KeggerMeister Beer Refrigerator Keg Dispenser

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KeggerMeister TapIdeal for home brewers or just regular beer drinkers, this full-size single-tap refrigerator will keep your beer chilled and prevent it from going flat for up to three months. The semi-gloss black tower features a black and chrome spout that can accommodate a variety of different-size beer glasses or mugs.

The unit also comes equipped with a chrome guardrail on its durable, black, counter-style top. An attractive black exterior and stainless steel front door allows the refrigerator to fit in nicely with almost any home decor. Four durable casters provide convenient mobility around the clubhouse, pool area, rec room, or anywhere people are gathering. Adjustable temperature control allows you to get your beer to the perfect temperature.

When you go to buy your first keg, don't forget to get your CO2 tank filled at the same time. The Keggermeister Includes an empty 2.5 lb CO2 bottle (supplies enough CO2 for up to four 15 gallon size kegs) that can be filled at locations such as where kegs are purchased, party stores, welding supply shops, or fire supply.

CO2 Tank

The Keggermeister holds one full size keg, one pony keg, or two 5 gallon kegs (D system or Cornelius kegs).

    Glass of Beer
  • Great for family rooms, fundraisers, barbecues, carnivals, club houses, birthday parties, pool parties, rec rooms, kitchens, workrooms and much more.
  • CO2 Delivery system will keep beer fresh for up to 3 months
  • Dual Gauge C02 Regulator - Monitors The PSI in the line and how much CO2 is remaining in the cylinder.
  • CO2 Bottle stores enough CO2 to supply 4 full size kegs.
  • Includes CO2 bottle (empty).
  • Black exterior with Stainless Steel Door includes 4 casters for portability.
  • Durable, versatile, lightweight, stylish, portable, high tech and affordable.

TOP 10 REASONS TO BUY A Keggermeister
  1. Depending on the type of beer you purchase, you can save anywhere from 50-70% with keg beer vs. buying cans or bottles.
  2. A Keggermeister eliminates the waste created by empty bottles and cans. With everyone going green, why not drink beer AND protect the environment.
  3. A Keggermeister takes up far less space than the same amount of beer packaged in bottles or cans.
  4. You can stay at home and invite your friends over instead of driving home from a pub after a night of drinking.
  5. A Keggermeister is a great way to start your own home pub.
  6. Beer from a keg tastes better and fresher.
  7. A Keggermeister will keep a keg of beer fresh for up to 3 months.
  8. Homebrewed beer can be transferred directly to a keg instead of bottling saving you money and keeping your homebrewed beer fresh.
  9. Your Beer is kept at a cold, constant temperature. With a Keggermeister, your beer is always cold and ready to drink.
  10. It's so cool!
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  • Item Number: KM2800SS
  • Retail Price: $699.99

    Our Price: $419.99