FunTime FT812 Perfect Popcorn , 8oz 3-in-1 Popcorn Pouches (Case of 12)


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Everything You Need to Pop Perfect Popcorn: Kernels...Oil...and Seasoning. Just cut and pour!

Making great popcorn couldn't be easier.
Our gourmet popcorn packs include everything you need in exactly the right proportions. Simply pour the contents of the pouch in the kettle, and in just minutes you have the best hot, fresh, buttery movie theater style popcorn imaginable.

Making the perfect popcorn starts with the perfect popcorn kernel.
Our unique variety of corn is grown right here in the US. It pops up large and fluffy, with almost no unpopped kernels. Another secret is the use of pure healthy coconut oil. Coconut oil has the ability to pop the kernels quickly without burning, sticking to the kettle or adding any unwanted flavors, not to mention all of its health benefits. Each 3 in 1 pack includes a delicious blend of seasonings, just the right amount of salt, and that amazing blast of buttery goodness.

Pre-measured and Perfect Every Time.
We've perfected the perfect measurments of each component and keep them sealed in separate chamber to ensure the maximum freshness of each and every pouch. Because the pouches are pre-measured you're guaranteed the same consistant, delicious taste batch after batch. The separated chambers also prevent any undue deyhdration of the popcorn kernels ensuring as few unpopped kernels as possible.

The right serving size for every occasion.
The 8 oz packs produce four gallons of popcorn (that is about 8 large tubs of popcorn!) and works great in any 8 oz or larger kettle popper. Packs are sold in boxes of both 12, 24, 48, or 96 counts.

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February 20th, 2015


i had a party and I served the popcorn in the freestanding machine that my daughter bought us for Christmas. It included this popcorn. I buy cases of it all the time! I had more compliments about the popcorn than anything else! I think it is better than movie popcorn.
January 19th, 2015

Great Popcorn with flavor

Great popcorn, tastes great, less salty than other brands. ALMOST as good as the movies!
Tonya C
January 17th, 2015

Just like the Theater

My boys bought me a freestanding popcorn maker for Christmas because they know what a popcorn lover i am. Best tasting popcorn just like going out but i can stay home and have the same quality popcorn. Much much better than any other brand...hands down. And we did do taste testing with multiple brands and different oils.
October 16th, 2014


Was not disappointed...delicious...almost as good as the movies! Was enough in this bag for 4 hungry adults who had seconds!
June 1st, 2014


This popcorn is really good tasting and easy to use. I prefer to cut open oil and seasoning and pre heat in microwave for about 45 seconds. After the Funtime popcorn machine has heated for 5 minutes then I add the heated oil and then disburse the popcorn evenly into the kettle and then just sit back and enjoy!!
Popcorn Lover
November 6th, 2013

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Great tasting popcorn. Everyone has thouroughly enjoyed it!

    6 Item(s)

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    • Item Number: FT812
    • Retail Price: $35.99

      Our Price: $22.99