Funtime Commercial Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Floss Machine

Funtime Commercial Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Floss Machine View One

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Item Number: FT1000CC-P

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  • Dimensions Tabletop:
  • 20.25" L x 20.25" W x 19.5 " H

  • Diameter of Steel Bowl:
  • 20.5"

  • Operating Power:
  • 950-1050 Watt / 120v Power

Cotton Candy has never been easier and more fun to make! The Funtime Popcorn Company's Candy Cloud Maker is perfect for everyone. No longer do you have to be a kid to enjoy this fun, delectable treat.

The Candy Cloud Machine boasts a commercial grade, 950-Watt spinner that can easily heat up in 2 minutes and operate continuously. Each cone takes about 30 seconds to make once the spinner has warmed up and the ingredients have been added. The Large Stainless Steel Bowl helps make collecting the Cotton Candy easy and gives everyone the advantage of looking like a Cotton Candy Pro! The Candy Cloud also has a built-in Stainless Steel storage drawer that makes keeping everything together easy. It has more than enough room to store Floss Sugar, spare cones, and anything else.

Stainless Steel Bowl is secured by 4 Vibration Reducing clamps. Extended Sugar Scoop makes placing sugar in the spinner safer and easier
2 Button Operation, Turn Power on and Heating Element on. Volt display to ensure proper power is supplied.
Can handle continuous use and will yield 1 Cotton Candy Cone every 30 Seconds. Large Storage Drawer with dividers helps keep supplies out of sight, but close by!
Simple Operation, Make Cotton Candy like a pro! Heavy duty rubber feet help to eliminate vibration to surrounding equipment.
Built-in Fuse for safety in kitchen areas. Safety feature won't allow heat to be left on without unit spinning.
Fast Warmup time, usually 2 minutes!  
Operating Instructions
1. Place unit on a dry, level surface. 2. Plug the unit into 3-Prong 120 Volt Electrical Outlet of appropriate power.
3. Press the Power Button which will become lit once turned on. 4. Press the Heat Button which will become lit once turned on.
5. Allow the unit to warm up for 2-2.5 Minutes. 6. After 2-2.5 Minutes, pour flossing sugar into the spinner head.
7. Once floss has begun spinning, grip cone from end and break into web of floss with opposite end. 8. Continue wrapping the floss on the cone using a figure-8 motion then lift web of floss from pan and roll onto the cone.
What's in the Box?
(1) - FunTime FT1000CCK-P Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine (Tabletop) (1) - 3 compartment Stainless Steel Drawer
(1) - Extended Stainless Steel Sugar Scoop (1) - Stainless Steel Bowl
(1) - Owner's Manual  
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  • Item Number: FT1000CC-P
  • Retail Price: $299.00

    Our Price: $219.99