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DuroMax 8500 Watt 16.0 Hp Gas Generator w/ Electric Start & Wheel Kit

Item Number: XP8500E-CA

Retail Price: $1,399.99

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Rugged... Durable... Dependable... Power When You Need It!
Now One Time Only Hurricane Special Pricing .....

For a Limited time we have reduced our prices up to 50% to make it easier for more people to afford these quality generators.

Perfect for Power Outages, the Construction Site, Service Trucks & More.

The XP8500E Features:
  • Durable DuroMax 16.0 Hp, air cooled engine w/ recoil and electric start.
  • Heavy duty steel frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Full power panel with oil warning and battery condition lights, key start switch, volt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets.
  • Wheel and handle kit for easy transporting. Now features our new 10-1/2" all-terrain never flat tires. Ever been frustrated when you went to use a hand truck, bicycle, or wheel barrow and found it with a flat tire, this will never be the case with our never flat tires. They offer the flexibility and looks of a pneumatic tire, without the rigidity of a solid tire. This design improves the mobility across both soft ground and hard surfaces.
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs.
  • (4) 20A Fully protected 120V outlets.
  • (1) 30A 120V/240V twist-lock.
  • (1) 10A 12V utility connection for charging a battery or running a verity of 12V devices.
  • Low oil shut-off protects engine. This model also includes an advance oil warning light that warns you of a low oil condition before the unit shuts off due to low oil.
  • Super quiet muffler reduces engine noise. Includes spark arrestor for use in brushy areas.
  • Idle control (Auto Throttle) switch: When the idle control is switched on it automatically lowers the RPM's to an idle when no power is being used.  When power is used it automatically raises the RPM to respond to the load and then lowers it again when the load is removed.  This feature dramatically saves fuel and reduces noise when engaged.

  • Max AC Output: 8500 watts
  • Rated AC Output: 7000 watts
  • Current (120V/240VAC & 12VDC)
  • (4) 120v 20A 3-prong outlets
    • (Standard Household plug)
  • (1) 120v/240v 30A twist lock
    • (NEMA L14-30 3 Pole 4 Wire)
  • (1) 10A 12V utility connection.
  • Amps: 58.4A/29.2A
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.0 gal
  • 16 Hp air cooled engine.
  • Low oil shutoff w/ advance warning light.
  • EPA & CARB approved engines.
  • Super quiet exhaust w/ built-in spark arrestor.
  • Electric Key & EZ-Pull Recoil start.
  • RV/Equipment switch: Increases Amperage for large 120 volt loads.
  • Noise level: 72 Decibel with a load. 41 Decibel with idle control engaged and no load.
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs. This can be greatly increased with intermittent loads and the use of the idle control.

  • Extra large 10-1/2" all-terrain never flat tires.
  • Flip-Up stow away Handles.
  • Spark plug wrench.
  • Electric Starter & Battery.
  • All new high impact interior/exterior packaging insures your generator will get to you in 100% factory perfect condition.

Customer Reviews

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July 8th, 2012

Dura Max 8500E

Ordered it on June 30th and it arrived Fed-Ex July 7th in perfect shape. Not bad considering a Holiday and weekend in the middle. I already had the oil 10/30SAE and fresh gas. So I put the wheel kit together, put the gas and oil in and turned in on and two pulls and it started up right away. I am very happy with my purchase. Especially when I did price comparison with Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears. Generator Factory Outlet has them all beat. no tax or shipping. Great buy.
James P. Walker
Sparta, New Jersey 07871
July 8th, 2012

Great Generator for Price

This generator exceeded my expectations for the price paid. The only cons for this product is that the assembly material should be updated to reflect what you actually get with generator. Instead of plastic washers for the handles, you get steel washers and the wheels have no inflation valve as they are the never flat tires that require no air. After filling with oil and gas, the unit started right up with the turn of the key. I researched quite a few generators in this size range and this one stood up to the best of them with all the included items on the generator. I think I made a good investment buying this generator and would recommend to others.
June 19th, 2012

great gen unit

i bought a wen5500 a few years back nut had to sell it last year. i saw that the xp8500 is set up almost exactly the same si i bought this unit. more watts,bigger engine/gas tank. The unit started right up after adding oil it takes 30w 4cycle oil, not 10w30 like the specs say on line absolutley love the elect/key start.
steve g
rockford, il
May 14th, 2012

Rugged durable generator

Ordering was a bit of a hassle due to a computer problem on Generator Factory Outlets part. I placed 1 phone call and the problem was rectified quickly. Generator was delivered in 3 days. I read the instructions and the generator started on 1st try. Overall I am happy with the generator and my purchase.
Wauregan Ct
May 11th, 2012

Great Machine for the price!

Came in packed correctly, all parts were there, the only issue i had was looking for the batterys ground cable... it was very well hidden and the written instructions did not mention much about the battery and nothing on where to find the ground cable...

started up first time and run quietly, happy and surprised!
Rene Bouchard
November 10th, 2011

I love my generator

After the hurricane that knocked us out for six days I decided to purchase a generator. I ordered the 8500 watt Duromax. It arrived quickly and safely.
Last week Mother Nature dumbed 15 inches of snow on us. It knocked out my power for 8 days. I was so happy with my generator!!! It started easily and kept running efficently for days. I had heat, hot water, and even T.V. and lights!!! Thank you so much.
I've had absolutely no problems and worth every penny!!
North West New Jersey
November 2nd, 2011

XP8500E best generator for the money

11-03-2011 My power went out for 5 days. I used cords for the first 2 until my electrician installed a transfer box. This 8500E not only handled the load on a full seven gallons it ran for 12 hours on that tank. We kept listening for the unit to run out but it just kept running. My electrician and several neighbors are now ordering one before winter does start. We live by a State Park in the woods. We loose our electric when mother nature blows a fart. So losing it during the winter happens a lot! I am prepared this year thanks to DuroMax!!! Don't hesitate order one now before it happens to you again. The great prices, free shipping and no sales tax should be enough to convince you, but their Customer Service is extremely courteous and knowledgeable.
Bobby D
Haycock Pa.
November 2nd, 2011

Great Generator, Execelent Value

I bought this DuroMax Generator 2 years ago . Realy did not use it much in the last 2 years , because we had no power failures . I live in the center of MA and we got hit with a record breaking snow storm in Oct. Most of the Trees still had their leafs on them so when the 15 of wet snow fell on them,they broke and took down alot of power lines . We lost electric for 3 days . I ran this DuroMax for 3 Days and nights without any problems . Great Value , Good Deal .
David T. Marc
November 2nd, 2011

Great Generator, Execelent Value

I bought this DuroMax Generator 2 years ago . Realy did not use it much in the last 2 years , because we had no power failures . I live in the center of MA and we got hit with a record breaking snow storm in Oct. Most of the Trees still had their leafs on them so when the 15 of wet snow fell on them,they broke and took down alot of power lines . We lost electric for 3 days . I ran this DuroMax for 3 Days and nights without any problems . Great Value , Good Deal .
David T. Marc
September 18th, 2011

Consumer Review XP8500E

I finally decided to 'pull the trigger' and get a generator. Living in Connecticut, having the power go out 5 times over the last two years and having no power for more than two days is no fun. When looking for a generator I researched a lot of them but wanted certain features. I found them all in the XP8500. Here we go:


This item shipped for FREE and thankfully - it weighs in at over 200 lbs. 225 to be exact. The item shipped via FedEx which was another blessing. FedEx freight called and delivered on time with the package in perfect condition. It took about a week to arrive after I placed my order. Perfect. MaxTool was great - communication was solid and they were very helpful with answering my shipping questions.

Here is what I was looking for in a generator:

Volt meter

Gas gauge

at least 8000W

electric start with pull start back up

4 120v outlets

a unit with a muffler

auto idle

Carb compliant engine at least 15HP


As I stated above this thing is heavy. Once the wheel kit is assembled it carts around nicely although the handles are short - I'll get into that later. So, here is what I did which made things easier if you don't have help. First, cut the box with a box cutter knife on the corners so the flaps fold down. Now, get three 2x4's each about three feet long and stack them. This will give you enough clearance to get both the feet attached as well as the wheels. Start with the end which will have the feet. Lift this end up and slide the stacked 2x4's underneath. attach the feet, two nuts each. Now, you have the footing on one side you can use the 2x4's on the other end where the wheels go. Same thing on this end with a twist. Attach the axle - two nuts and bolts each side. Now, lift the side up just a bit so you can slide the wheels on. Once they are slid on you can secure them with a pin. Remove the 2x4's and move on to the handles which were easy to attach. Now fill the case with oil. The unit doesn't come with oil. It takes SAE 10W30. The battery came fully charged. Connect the battery terminals, fill with fresh gas and you are ready to go! The whole process took about a half hour.


The generator started up instantly. Pull the cord or turn the key and BAM! Push the choke in half way then all the way (open) and it idles nicely. This generator is quiet! I have a half acre and in the front of the house you could not hear the generator running in the back yard. So I decided to start testing with my pool. Yes, I ran a cord to my pool filter and it went from idle to full throttle. Powered the pool filter no problem. For me this will power three essential things during an outage: Refrigerator, chest freezer and tankless hot water heater. I hooked them all up and this thing ran with ease. Cranking at full throttle it wasn't as loud as I thought it would be - my lawn mower is just as loud.


I picked up a cover here on Amazon for $10. It does the trick and will keep dust off the unit until I need it. Everything on this generator is easy to get too, see and adjust. Even without the manual at hand there are stickers everywhere that show you what each item is and what information you should know about that item. For example, the gas shut off valve has a sticker above it with the label and diagram of which position is on or off. Each component has a sticker above it. So, for storage you can drain the gas easily by using a 10MM wrench to loosen the gas filter cup and remove. Take a plastic soda bottle with the top cut off and you can catch the dripping gas. Of course do this after running engine dry. As for gas, every time I fill up my 5 gallon tank I always put at least two ounces of Stabil in it. You should too! Disconnect the positive battery terminal before covering. Put a board down for the wheels - concrete can do bad things to wheels if they sit long.

Unhappy Notes:


The unit didn't come with oil. It wasn't a problem as I went to the local car parts store and picked up two Quarts of SAE 10W30 Synthetic motor oil. The generator takes 37 Ounces or 1.1 Liters. A quart has 32 ounces in it so you will need two quarts. Start it up with one quart filled, let the oil move into the engine, shut it down then top off. However, filling with my long nose funnel was a breeze - very easy to get at.


The instructions say to make sure the fill valve is facing out when attaching wheels. Well, this unit came with air filled tires but there is NO valve! This concerns me because if I need to fill air into the wheel, well, how will I do it? Tires loose air with pressure. I just wish they were solid through out - no air - and I hope they stay inflated.


Putting the handles on was easy however they are short. I stand 5'8 and when carting the unit you have to walk slow. Anyone taller than me would have an awkward angle when walking so close to the generator. The handles are only 10 inches long so you are very close to the generator when you walk. Also, the muffler faces you when you walk so you have to be careful when grabbing the right handle as it is right in front of the muffler. HOT



Quick start either by pulling cord or turning electric start key

7000W running power with 8500W surg

7 Gallon gas tank with gas gauge

Volt meter

Muffler on engine

Four 120V AC outlets

Easy to read info stickers placed throughout the machine

Breaker switch

Low Oil auto shut off

Auto idle switch

QUIET - 72 dBA

Four Rubber motor mounts

16HP OHV engine

Engine parts/components are all at easy reach


Doesn't come with oil - need to purchase 2 Qts of SAE 10W30


    Items 21 to 30 of 41 total

    per page
    • Item Number: XP8500E-CA
    • Retail Price: $1,399.99

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      Quantity Discounts
      Our Price: $1,299.99
      Sale Price: $799.99
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