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FunTime FT412 Perfect Popcorn, 4oz 3-in-1 Popcorn Pouches (Case of 12)


Item Number: FT412

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Everything You Need to Pop Perfect Popcorn: Kernels...Oil...and Seasoning. Just cut and pour!

Making great popcorn couldn't be easier.
Our gourmet popcorn packs include everything you need in exactly the right proportions. Simply pour the contents of the pouch in the kettle, and in just minutes you have the best hot, fresh, buttery movie theater style popcorn imaginable.

Making the perfect popcorn starts with the perfect popcorn kernel.
Our unique variety of corn is grown right here in the US. It pops up large and fluffy, with almost no unpopped kernels. Another secret is the use of pure healthy coconut oil. Coconut oil has the ability to pop the kernels quickly without burning, sticking to the kettle or adding any unwanted flavors, not to mention all of its health benefits. Each 3 in 1 pack includes a delicious blend of seasonings, just the right amount of salt, and that amazing blast of buttery goodness.

Pre-measured and Perfect Every Time.
We've perfected the perfect measurments of each component and keep them sealed in separate chamber to ensure the maximum freshness of each and every pouch. Because the pouches are pre-measured you're guaranteed the same consistant, delicious taste batch after batch. The separated chambers also prevent any undue deyhdration of the popcorn kernels ensuring as few unpopped kernels as possible.

The right serving size for every occasion.
The 4 oz packs produce two gallons of popcorn (that is about 4 large tubs of popcorn!) and works great in any 4 oz or larger kettle popper. Packs are sold in boxes of both 12, 24, 48 or 96 counts.

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February 27th, 2015

Very tasty popcorn!

The popcorn in very tasty with good texture and crunch. It can be a little too salty so I plan to use less seasoning next time I make some. We use it 3-4 times a month. It's perfect for movie night!
October 16th, 2014

Great popcorn!

This amount is perfect for two - with seconds!! Almost as good as the movies!!
June 24th, 2013

Just like at the movies!

We purchased a Waring Pro popcorn machine and were disappointed in all of the popcorn oils we could find at the grocery store. These packs are easy and the taste is as close to the movies as we have found. We love it!
Harpers Ferry WV
November 7th, 2012

love it!!!

I have been looking for movie style popcorn at an affordable price for a while....I FOUND IT. Love it, easy to use and most of it pops. Will definately order more.
November 7th, 2012

Tastes just like movie theater popcorn.

My husband and I have been enjoying this popcorn. It tastes like movie theater popcorn and it is a lot of fun to make. It is very convenient with all the ingredients right in the packet.
August 25th, 2012

Pop corn and machine

Everything is perfect,, no issues at all
Popcorn and Machine
February 6th, 2012

4 oz. 3-in-one popcorn

This product is the perfect amount for our family of three!! The taste is fabulous!!
September 15th, 2011

Best Popcorn I've Ever Tasted

I have recently purchased a popcorn machine with intentions of getting that movie theatre style popcorn in the comfort of my home. As luck would have it my machine came with a case(12) of the Funtime 4 Oz Popcorn 3 in 1 Kernel Oil Seasoning Kits. My first batch and I thought to myself this is the best popcorn I've ever had but I had also been reading about the GNP popcorn and how they talked about believing they had the best popcorn in the USA. I thought, I can't imagine it getting any better than the Funtime popcorn but decided to give it a shot anyway and ordered some. Once it came in I proceeded to pop up a batch of both the GNP and the Funtime and do a side by side taste test. I have to say they are both very similar in taste but GNP is a little bit too salty for my taste so Funtime won out for me. I popped up several more batches and brought equal amounts to work the next day to give out and get opinions. The majority of people shared the same thoughts as me, Funtime was slightly better and GNP was a little too salty. I think this will be the only popcorn I will buy for my machine from this point on, it's really good popcorn and the fact it comes in the premeasured amounts is a big deal for me as I'm not into all the measuring and stuff.

    8 Item(s)

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    • Item Number: FT412
    • Retail Price: $28.99

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      Quantity Discounts
      Our Price: $17.99
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