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DeWALT D24000 Heavy-Duty 10'' Wet Tile Saw w/ 24'' cut capacity


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The D24000 10 wet tile saw is the only cart saw on the market to offer 24'' rip capacity and 18'' capacity on diagonal with a total weight under 70 pounds. The cutting cart cantilevers off the front and back of the rails to offer impressive capacity without the need for a long water pan and rail system. The D24000's low weight and compact water pan make it possible for one user to transport the saw into the work site in just 2 easy trips. The D24000's rail system is attached to the saw frame to ensure accurate cuts without the need for daily set-up and calibration. The saw also boasts the best-in-class water containment made possible by an adjustable water nozzle system that delivers water to the point of the cut without creating a tremendous amount of mist. The large, detachable water trays catch water spray and spill-over on large tiles to capture the water and direct it back into the pan. The D24000 delivers innovation and practical features that make it the most versatile saw on the market. The integrated 45o and 22.5o bevel feature allows the user to make fast angled cuts without the need for an awkward and bulky 45o cart block. The head also plunges into the material, making pocket cuts quick and easy for AC registers and electrical outlets. All of these innovations and features exist to make the user more productive.


  • Cantilevering Rail/Cart system allows for 24" ripping capacity - 18" tile on diagonal
  • Only 69 lbs - allows one person to transport and set up tile saw
  • Stainless steel rail system is integrated into the tile saw frame, insuring accuracte cuts
  • Integrated 45/22.5° miter feature for quick angled cuts
  • Plunge feature allows the user to make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers
  • Dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on blade in order to minimize over-spray and mist
  • Rear and side water attachments can be placed on tile saw to catch overspray from large tile - keeping the water in the pan
  • Removeable cutting cart for easy cleaning of tile saw
  • Compact tile saw frame allows for easy transport and storage in vehicle - 34" x 26"
  • 3-1/8" depth of cut allows for cutting of most V-cap and pavers
  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor will cut hard materials such as porcelain and stone
  • 5 gallon water pan allows for quick tile saw set-up and break-down
  • Edge Guide with 2-position 45 degree guide allows for easy line-up of corner cuts

What's in The Box

  • 10'' Porcelain cutting blade.
  • 5 Gallon ABS plastic water pan.
  • Rear pan and cutting cart water attachments.
  • Cart extension and edge-guide.
  • Blade change and rail adjustment wrenches.
  • Owner’s Manual


  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 90 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • 1 Year Free Service Contract
Amps 15.Amps
Blade Diameter 10'' Wet tile blade.
Maxt Rip Capacity 24'' Rip capacity and 18" capacity on diagonal
Total Weight under 70 pounds.
Bevels 45° and 22.5°
Max Depth of Cut 3-1/8"
ABS plastic water pan. 5 Gallon
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March 31st, 2016

Great saw for the DIY person

Bought this saw to replace a 7" Ryobi that never was a low end product. The DeWalt D2400 worked great right out of the box. Made short work out of a bath room remodel. Well worth the money.
July 8th, 2014

Best saw ever

This is the third one I've bought and this is the best saw I've used.
March 7th, 2014

Super Purchase!

I always borrowed my friends saw who is a contractor. Now the table is turned! With all the features this has he wants to borrow mine DeWalt 2400! Heavy duty and with enough power and features, this had made my job easier! Excellent price too! One cannot beat this product!
January 7th, 2014

great saw!

purchased to install tile in my basement.the large table & the sliding square are tops among any other brands, I've used. this makes 11 dewalt tools i own now & couldn't be happier.
July 2nd, 2013

Awesome Tile Saw

I have been installing tile for over 10 years . I recently purchsed the DeWalt D24000 Heavy Duty Wet Tile Saw and it is amazing !! The power and precision are wonderful ! I would HIGHLY recommend this saw to anyone looking for a serious saw to cut tile !!!!
Joseph R

    5 Item(s)

    per page
    • Item Number: D24000
    • Retail Price: $1,398.70

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