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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60512 90 Precise 90 degree layout Laser Tool

PLS 90 Precise 90 degree layout Laser Tool View One


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Item Number: PLS-60512

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PLS 90

The PLS 90 is a fully self leveling laser. The PLS 90 is designed to speed layout of square on slab or square on slope. Interior-exterior portability for commercial and residential square applications all packed into one. No more 3-4-5 with sagging string lines. It is Ideal for concrete pads, basement layout and tie-ins for remodel or additions.

The PLS 90 is designed to tackle one of the most challenging layout tasks on the job. Precise 90° visible and pulsed reference lines for exterior layout of square on slab or on slope.


[1] - PLS 90 Tool
[1] - Carrying Case
[1] - Universal Base
[1] - Floor Target
[1] - Operating Manual

With a PLS laser and a little thought you can reduce your layout time dramatically. Use your PLS laser to determine reference points and lines down and up for each light, per dimensioned plans. How much time would it take you to lay out 50 lights in a vaulted ceiling with two people and a plumb bob? Install conduit, raceways, fixtures, and more.

Every contractor has basic alignment tasks to perform on the job site. No project can be completed without layout of the work, installation of material and quality control. Each of these functions is accomplished by determining plumb, level and square reference.

PLS laser tools were developed to give contractors the ability to transfer critical layout reference lines and points for any job site task. All PLS laser tools are self-leveling, compact and offer durable laser alignment. Our lasers provide bright, crisp reference points and lines, for quick and accurate layout.

  • Steel Stud Framing

  • Electrical Installation

  • Glazing Construction

  • HVAC Installation and Construction

These are just a few broad examples of the value of point-to-point and laser line information. Check existing conditions before you submit your estimate or start your work. Save time every day in layout and installation. Compare the advantages of using a PLS laser to the traditional methods you now employ.


Accuracy: +/- 1/8 inch @ 100 Feet (3mm @ 30 meters)
Working Range: +/- 250 Feet (76 meters) w/SLD Detector
Operating Time: 25 Hrs
Dimensions: 5" x 2 1/4" x 4 1/2"
Weight: 1.7lbs. (.77kg.)
Power Supply: 3 "AA" Batteries
Self Leveling Range: 6 Degrees
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  • Item Number: PLS-60512
  • Retail Price: $509.95

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